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Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)


What's Changed About Being Jewish in Scotland What's Changed About Being Jewish in Scotland – link to full findings contact us
15 December 2014

In direct response to this summer’s unprecedented surge of antisemitic incidents, which came as an unwelcome shock, not only to the Jewish Community, but to civil society at large, the Scottish Government has agreed to fund a short-term study of how this has affected Jewish people in Scotland.

The new study will go back to the same people who contributed to our 2012 Being Jewish in Scotland inquiry to ask how and why their experiences and opinions have changed, and will seek to reach an even wider range of contributors.  As before, there will be a combination of on-line and paper surveys, focus groups, and informal discussion at events in locations throughout Scotland, since we know from experience that these themselves serve to provide support and reassurance, and build a sense of community and engagement.
We hope that by exploring the current experiences and attitudes of Jewish people in Scotland, we will be able to assess how typical are the views that have been expressed to us by participants, and how they have changed since the original Being Jewish in Scotland project. 

Whether or not you have experienced any antisemitism, and whether or not you have changed your view of Jewish life in Scotland, we would urge you to contribute to our inquiry.


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