Scottish Council of Jewish Communites
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

Meeting with Iain Gray
21 September2010

SCoJeC Director, Ephraim Borowski, and Public Affairs Officer, Leah Granat, met Iain Gray, the Labour Leader, and briefed him on a wide range of issues of concern to the Jewish Community. 

These included

our long running outreach project, which has connected dozens of isolated Jewish people in rural Scotland with their heritage for the first time;

Meeting with Iain Gray

the small but worryingly increasing incidence of antsemitic incidents in Scotland, and the finding of the recent JPR report that this impacts disproportionately on those in areas without a sizeable Jewish community;

the specific education and welfare needs of the community, and the excellent record of the communal organisations in these fields;

the Jewish Way of Life software, developed by the Pears Foundation and now available on the SCoJeC website, thanks to the assistance of Learning and Teaching Scotland;

the concerns of minority communities in general about the effect of the Government's localisation policies on minorities, which are too small to appear on the radar of most local authorities, and in particular

the invisibility of minority faith communities because the 2011 census will ask about "belonging" to a community, where there is not one to belong to.

Mr Gray also accepted an invitation from SCoJeC and the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council  to address a public meeting later this year.


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