Scottish Council of Jewish Communites
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

SCoJeC condemns attempt to stir up
racial tension
8 November 2009

Following anti-Muslim demonstrations by the far-right "English Defence League", which have resulted in public disorder in a number of English cities, the self-styled "Scottish Defence League" has announced plans for an event targeted at the Glasgow Central Mosque on Saturday 14th November. Following invitations from a number of Muslim groups to participate in responses to this deliberate provocation, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities resolved at our Council meeting on 1st November to issue the following statement of support for the Muslim Community:

The Jewish Community of Scotland shares the concerns of the Muslim community about the self-styled Scottish Defence League and its planned activities.  We dissociate ourselves unreservedly from their message of hate, no matter what symbols they misappropriate in order to cause maximum offence to as many as possible.  We deplore any attempt to stir up racial tension, and express our solidarity with all those who are the target of their warped views.

If, as seems likely, this group apes the example of the English Defence League, they will fuel distrust between communities and contribute to the conditions in which extremism of all kinds will thrive. We have consistently declared our belief in a Scotland of many cultures, faiths, and traditions, and we reiterate our unqualified opposition to fascist and far-right activity.


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