Scottish Council of Jewish Communites
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

Meeting with the Lord Advocate
17 September 2009
The Lord Advocate, Ephraim Borowski, and Leah Granat

SCoJeC officials Leah Granat and Ephraim Borowski met this week with the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, to discuss a number of matters of concern to the Jewish Community. Mrs Angiolini reiterated her support for the use of non-invasive technology in place of surgical post-mortems, and said that her recent creation of a new unit within Crown Office to investigate sudden deaths would encourage consideration of the what medical expertise is  appropriate for a particular case, rather than a standard procedure  no  matter  what  the circumstances. She hoped that this would also speed up the release of bodies for burial, help meet the requirements of Jews, Muslims, and other faith communities, and lessen the trauma of the bereaved families.

As head of the Prosecution Service, the Lord Advocate also gave her assurance that reports of antisemitic behaviour are being pursued with vigour.


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