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SCoJeC CoNNeCT Discussion Forum Rules


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Comments submitted to SCoJeC CoNNeCT will be pre- or post-moderated to ensure that they comply with the rules shown below. If you are new to the Forum your comments will be reviewed for a period before being displayed; once we know you and trust you to comply with the rules your comments will be only be reviewed after posting, and moderated only if other users or moderators feel that the rules have been broken.

Moderation will be carried out daily, excepting Shabbat and Festivals, on a part-time basis, with every effort being made to post or respond to your comments as soon as possible.

Although you may choose your own username, please be aware that total anonymity is not feasible since your registrations details and IP address, whilst confidential to the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, remain on our system.

Our 'Ten Commandments'
Be truthful about yourself and don’t hide behind your username; you must register using your real name and email address (which we keep secret). If you don't use your own name as your username, please note that we may not accept your proposed name if it could be interpreted as offensive, or political, or a trade name, or misleading.
Stick to the point, and don’t keep repeating yourself.
Keep it legal and ethical.
Keep the site free of damaging downloads, links, and spam.
Keep yourself and other users safe: don’t recklessly divulge your own or other people’s personal data. If you want to share private information use the Messaging option, not the public forum.
Be nice: don’t make personal attacks on individuals or organisations; the site is for friendly interaction, sharing information and intelligent debate.
Think before you post: only put on the forum what you are happy for the whole world to see and share.
Report any inappropriate or offensive postings to the Moderator; the quickest way is to click on the “!” alert button top right of the discussion.
Don’t be rude about other people’s postings or criticise their grammar and spelling.
Don't post public comments about the moderating process. If you have a genuine query or don’t think a moderator’s decision is right please email us at or and we’ll reconsider and get back to you as soon as possible – but the final decision is final!
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Donations and Volunteering: The SCOJEC CoNNeCT forum was set up with financial support from the Big Lottery Fund and is available to subscribers free of charge, but click here if you would like to make a financial donation.

If you would like to volunteer as a moderator or discussion facilitator, please contact the moderator at


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